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The Athenians moved the Delian League’s treasury from Delos to Athens. The Athenians also began sending troops to other Greek city-states to help the common people rebel against the nobles in power. C. A 400 historian is a person who studies and writes about people events of the past. C. Historians find out how people lived, what strong in and their democratic happenedfaith to them, what happened system. Peloponnesian We events call their system direct around them. They look for the reasons behind and study the effects of democracy War begins (dih • MAH • kruh • see).

D. 250 R a 30°N R. R. s A FR I C A R te 30°N r r is Tig Eu p Caspian S Black Sea . C. D. C. C. C. C. D. D. 312 Etruscans rule Rome Rome becomes a republic Romans build the Appian Way Rome destroys Carthage Julius Caesar is killed Pax Romana ends Constantine comes to power Roman soldiers TO LOCATE You can look for these important places to locate as you read this unit. D. 650 The Lighthouse of Alexandria c. C. C. Etruscan mural EUROPE Caspian Sea . R. C. r is Tig Chapters 7&8 Eu R. Mycenaeans replace Minoans as major power in Mediterranean Ancient Rome 0° E S 60°N N c.

He taught that humans had the freedom to choose between right and wrong, and that goodness would triumph in the end. As you compare and contrast, ask these questions: 1) What things are being compared or contrasted? 2) Which characteristics can be compared or contrasted? 3) How are they similar, and how are they different? 4) Are there any signal words? WRITING PRACTICE IT! Writing about what you read will help you remember the events. Next comes an easy-to-follow practice activity. Read to Write Read the passage and the directions below.

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