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By R. Sutton-Spence

This new research is a big contribution to signal language learn and to literature normally, the complicated grammatical, phonological and morphological structures of signal language linguistic constitution and their position in signal language poetry and function. Chapters care for repetition and rhyme, symmetry and stability, neologisms, ambiguity, issues, metaphor and allusion, poem and function, and mixing English and signal language poetry. significant poetic performances in either BSL and ASL - with emphasis at the paintings of the deaf poet Dorothy Miles - are analysed utilizing the instruments supplied within the book.

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Path movement of a sign has two main functions in sign languages. It can be a part of the sign’s essential make-up because each sign must have a movement parameter, even if that movement element happens to be ‘no movement’ or ‘hold’. Using several signs that share the same basic, formational movement in the same poem creates some sort of poetic movement pattern. Alternatively, the movement could be something additional to the basic form of the sign and be a part of the grammatical meaning. We will consider this sort of grammatical movement later, in our discussion of grammatical repetition.

Heidi Rose (1992) has divided ASL literature into the eras of ‘pre-videotape’ and ‘post-videotape’ because of the importance of videotape to the preservation and distribution of sign language compositions. In the pre-videotape period, Deaf folklore and ASL oral traditions were transmitted ‘orally’, but the post-videotape period has allowed for the development of single-authored works composed in sign language and preserved on videotape. She claims that, 18 Analysing Sign Language Poetry ‘The video form of preservation parallels the invention of the printing press’ (p.

The signs in this poem are not related to numerals at all, but the pattern of their handshapes follows the sequence: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The poem may be roughly glossed as follows, with the number corresponding to each handshape given in brackets after each sign: WATER (6) WATER-ALL-AROUND (5) Repetition in Sign Language Poetry 35 BOAT-BOBS-THROUGH-WAVES (4) BOAT-CL-BOBS-THROUGH-WAVES (3) SEE (2) FAR-AWAY-BRIDGE-WITH-PLATFORMS-CLOSED (1) ORNATE-SHAPED-BRIDGE (2) ORNATE-BRIDGE-STRUCTURE (3) BRIDGE-OPENS (4) BOAT-BOBS-THROUGH-WAVES (5) FLAG-ON-MAST (6) MANY-PEOPLE-LOOK-DOWN-TO-BOAT (5) MANY-PEOPLE-LOOK-UP-FROM-BOAT (5) BRIDGE-CLOSES (4) BOAT-CL-BOBS-THROUGH-WAVES (3) SEE (2) FAR-AWAY-BRIDGE-WITH-PLATFORMS-CLOSED-RECEDES-INTODISTANCE (1) (The ‘CL’ in this gloss with the ‘3’ handshapes refers to a classifier handshape in a sign.

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