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The function of this publication is to provide a brief and hassle-free, but rigorous, presentation of the rudiments of the so-called conception of Viscosity recommendations which applies to completely nonlinear 1st and second order Partial Differential Equations (PDE). For such equations, rather for 2d order ones, strategies in most cases are non-smooth and conventional ways to be able to outline a "weak answer" don't follow: classical, robust nearly in every single place, vulnerable, measure-valued and distributional recommendations both don't exist or would possibly not also be outlined. the most reason behind the latter failure is that, the traditional concept of utilizing "integration-by-parts" with a purpose to move derivatives to soft try out services by means of duality, isn't really to be had for non-divergence constitution PDE.

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This localises the point x ε (where the maximum is achieved) closer and closer to x. See Fig. 2. Unlike the integral convolution which is in C ∞ , the sup-/inf-convolutions are merely semiconvex/semiconcave. Before proceeding to the analytic properties of 4 Mollification of Viscosity Solutions and Semiconvexity 51 Fig. e. on its domain. Definition 3 (Semiconvexity) Let Ω ⊆ Rn and f ∈ C 0 (Ω). f is called semiconvex when there exists an ε ∈ (0, ∞] such that the function x → f (x) + |x|2 2ε is convex.

Symmetrically, we say that u is lower semicontinuous on Ω and write u ∈ L SC(Ω), when lim inf u(y) ≥ u(x), y→x for all x ∈ Ω. The formal definition of Γ -Convergence, adapted to our case, is n Definition 8 (±Γ -Convergence) Let u, {u m }∞ 1 : Ω ⊆ R −→ R. (i) We say that u m plus-Gamma converges to u on Ω and write +Γ u m −→ u, as m → ∞, when for all x ∈ Ω, the following hold: (a) for any sequence xm → ∞ as m → ∞, we have lim inf u m (xm ) ≥ u(x). m→∞ (b) There exists a sequence xˆm → ∞ as m → ∞, we have lim u m (xˆm ) = u(x).

1 Illustration of the most popular choice of convolution kernel It is a well known fact that u ε → u in the respective topology of the L p space or 1, p Sobolev W k, p space that u lies into. For example, if u ∈ Wloc (Rn ) then u ε → u in 1, p Wloc (Rn ) as ε → 0, etc. The apt mollification scheme for Viscosity Solutions which respects our generalised derivatives, namely the semi-Jets J 2,± , is 1-sided. To a certain extent, this reflects the 1-sided nature of the notion of sub-/super- solutions.

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