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By Kevin Hillstrom; Laurie Collier Hillstrom; Lawrence W Baker; U-X-L (Firm)

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Cultivation: Growth or improvement that comes from work or study. Anguish: Extreme pain, distress, or sorrow. Commotion: Disturbance. Peculiar institution: A term for slavery. 8 American Civil War: Primary Sources But the woman did not scream. The shot had passed too straight and direct through the heart, for cry or tear. Dizzily she sat down. Her slack hands fell lifeless by her side. Her eyes looked straight forward, but she saw nothing. All the noise and hum of the boat, the groaning of the machinery, mingled dreamily to her bewildered ear; and the poor, dumb-stricken heart had neither cry nor tear to show for its utter misery.

Who is most to blame? The enlightened, cultivated, intelligent man, who supports the system of which the trader is the inevitable result, or the poor trader himself? You make the public statement that calls for his trade, that debauches and depraves him, till he feels no shame in it; and in what are you better than he? Are you educated and he ignorant, you high and he low, you refined and he coarse, you talented and he simple? In the day of a future Judgment, these very considerations may make it more tolerable for him than for you.

Consolation: Comfort. Soliloquized: Said to himself. Generalize: Expand the details of a particular situation to form an overall conclusion or widely applicable principle. Lawful trade: A legal and accepted job or occupation. Divine: Clergyman or preacher. Solace: Console or provide relief from grief or anxiety. Eternal home: Heaven. Palsied: Paralyzed. Innumerable: Countless. 9 beautiful, but silent. There was no speech nor language, no pitying voice or helping hand, from that distant sky. One after another, the voices of business or pleasure died away; all on the boat were sleeping, and the ripples at the prow were plainly heard.

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