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By Wayne Downing-General US. Army (retired), Distinguieshed Chair Combating Terrorism Center US Military Academy

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21 Ibid. ”22 Al-Qa’ida Confronting Somali Culture. ” “The strange people who received us were lukewarm and wary towards us,” complains one al-Qa’ida entry. ”23 But setting aside the numerous disparaging remarks about Somalis that appear in these entries, the more significant complaint was over Somali decision-making.

78 Today, Ras Kamboni is considered a hotbed of radical Islam and a stronghold of the Islamic Courts Movement. ”80 Over the past two years, the Union of Islamic Courts essentially took control of many parts of Somalia due to its ability to provide law and order. The nature of its very name, “Islamic Courts,” suggests that the benefits of security may be the foothold that al-Qa’ida can use in an attempt to spread its ideology. 75 Harmony, AFGP-2002-800640, 3. Harmony, AFGP-2002-600113, 6. 77 Harmony, AFGP-2002-600113, 3.

Here al-Qa’ida runs into the same difficulty that so many international NGOs have faced in the field–the prospect of being “captured” by one clan and earning the emnity of others in the process. Leadership and Organization. A major complaint of the foreign al-Qa’ida figures writing in the Harmony documents is the poor leadership and organization of the Somali Islamic movement. At the time most of these documents were produced, AIAI had more or less dissolved itself as a formal organization, operating more like a loose network.

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