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He doesn't always use end rhymes, but his lines are full of interesting sounds. There's usually a connection between what the poem is about and what form Frost chooses to use. In this poem, the cyclical rhyme scheme reminds us of the cycle of day and night, the sun and the moon. The regular rhythm reminds us of the speaker's footsteps as he walks. Look for similar connections in Frost poems, and at the very least, a distinct and purposeful rhyme and rhythm which makes the poem fun to read aloud.

Quote: I have walked out in rain - and back in rain. (2) Thought: Though this line doesn't mention time specifically, it's an example of the repetition of the verb tense. This time the narrator has actually done something - walked - not just been something. So we start to get a sense of the poem's, and the speaker's, movement through space and time in this line. Also, this line deals with the length of time. The speaker has both walked out and back in rain, so it seems that he's talking about a pretty long, wet night.

The poem is set in a city, but the only other human we see is an ominous watchman, whom the speaker avoids, and the only humans we hear are the speaker, who stops his own footsteps, and the sound of a far away cry. The speaker hopes that someone is calling for him, but no one is. The images of the poem seem distant and detached. Lines 1 and 14: The word "acquainted" is a lonely word. We are acquainted with someone if we've briefly met them, but wouldn't call them our friend (or our enemy). So, in this poem, the speaker knows the night, and although he has a lot of experience with it, he is not its intimate friend.

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