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Follow this system during this publication and accomplish the ripped, rock-hard abs you’ve consistently sought after. The powerful workouts in Ab Wheel Workouts unharness the complete strength of this straightforward, compact piece of kit for severe muscle construction and quickly fats burning. With this booklet and an ab wheel, you’ll swiftly strengthen a powerful, lean body, including:
• Sculpted Abs
• better Posture
• Toned higher Body
• higher Athleticism

Packed with countless numbers of step by step pictures, sincerely defined workouts and 6 innovative education courses, Ab Wheel Workouts may have you rolling your solution to a six-pack in no time.

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1 Stand with your back to the wall and attempt to place your head on the wall. Grasping the wheel handles, position the wheel just above your head and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. 2 Roll the wheel as high as you can while keeping your back to the wall. Return to starting position and realign your posture. wall v roll-up target: core, upper body This is a suitable corrective exercise for someone with shoulder concerns. 1 Stand an arm’s distance away from the wall, grab the wheel handles with each hand and place the wheel on the wall at chest height.

2 Now inhale slowly through your nose and look slowly to the right. Exhale slowly through your lips and hold this position for a moment, feeling the stretch. acknowledgments A special thanks goes to the whole Ulysses Press team, from Katherine Furman for her creative book concepts to Lily Chou who is able to translate my thoughts into a seamless flow of words. Also thanks goes to Claire Chun for her behind-the-screen work, as well as the excellent work of the photographic team of Rapt Productions and fitness skill set of models Bryan Johnson and Lache Kamani.

Rest your arms alongside your body. 2 Maintaining proper core stability, slowly extend your legs forward, keeping them a few inches off the floor. Return to starting position. pelvic lift target: core, butt, lower back 1 Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet inserted in the wheel straps. Rest your arms alongside your body. 2 Press both feet equally into the floor, causing your pelvis to lift off the floor. Do not lift your butt so high as to arch your back. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds. Slowly lower to the floor.

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