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Hunter, (the sister of Sir David Wilkie, and an old 38 A Wilkie Collins Chronology 11 (Mon) 16 (Sat) 19 (Tue) 25 (Mon) and kind friend),” the family physician for at least twenty years, Dr. Thompson, and William Powell Frith (1819–1909: RA, the artist). Antonina sympathetically reviewed in the Spectator: 257. Henry Fothergill Chorley (1809–1872), influential reviewer for over 30 years, praises Antonina in the Athenaeum: 285. The novel treated, as WC recalls, “with such a chorus of praise as has never been sung over me since” (introduction to 1861 reprint).

CD writes Augustus Egg (1816–1863: AE), painter, theatrical enthusiast, “I think you told me that Mr. Wilkie Collins would be glad to play any part in Bulwer’s Comedy,” Not So Bad As We Seem, “and I think I told you that I considered him a very desirable recruit. ” 42 A Wilkie Collins Chronology 12 (Wed) 18 (Tue) 24 (Mon) 25 (Tue) 31 (Mon) CD and WC meet for the first time, when WC dines with CD and attends a reading of Not So Bad at the Lincoln’s Inn home of John Forster (1812–1876), CD’s friend for more than 30 years and his leading contemporary biographer.

24 (Fri) WC and WMC “set off…to Wick and thence by steam boat to Lerwick,” the chief Shetland town (CL, I, 7) where they landed at six in the morning. 24 June (Fri)–July WC and WMC on the Shetlands. ” An early excursion “was on ponies to Scalloway a fishing town about 8 miles from Lerwick…we were entertained there on politics oatcake and whiskey by a shoemaker whose hardnose and mouth are…monstrous! And dirty” (L, I, 12). ” After Scalloway they went to Sunburgh Head. ” They stayed the night at a house whose owner, a Mr.

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