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By James B. Bell

Examines the debatable institution of the 1st Anglican Church in Boston in 1686, and the way later, political leaders John Adams, Samuel Adams, and John Wilkes exploited the disputes as political dynamite including taxation, alternate, and the quartering of troops: issues which John Adams later recalled as motives of the yankee Revolution.

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37 During the first two decades of the eighteenth century the English church made modest progress establishing congregations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, three and two churches respectively. G. Without exception, the churches’ membership was small. In Newbury, Massachusetts, many of the founding Anglican church members were disaffected members of the local Congregational Church who objected to paying taxes to support its minister. If the members were reluctant to support the Congregational establishment they were no more enthusiastic about financially aiding the new English church.

And who may have been either a colonist or Englishman, presented a vigorous defence of English political and religious policies in New England since 1685. 34 A prominent figure in church and state affairs, he served as a chaplain to King William III and Queen Mary, and as a canon of Canterbury Cathedral. Mather responded to Williams’s tract perhaps as early as 1701–2, with Some Remarks, on a Pretended Answer, to a Discourse Concerning the Common-Prayer Worship. Declaring that ‘The Author of a Discourse written many years ago has had by him above seven Years’ to reply with this ‘Pretended Answer’ to his former Discourse on the Unlawfulness of the Common-Prayer Worship, Mather had ‘resolved to make no Reply unto it; only to Answer it with Silence, and deserved Contempt.

The law of 1715 was accompanied by an ‘Act for Liberty of Conscience’, which placated the Quakers by allowing them the right of affirmation and gave all Dissenters what they had demanded in legal protection. The Proprietary government in the province ended in 1729 and it became a royal colony. At that time there was no parson in the province. Under royal administration, the colony experienced phenomenal growth of population, largely of non-English extraction. Scotch-Irish and German colonists, most of whom reached North Carolina by travelling over the great wagon road that led from Pennsylvania through the Valley of Virginia, located in the Piedmont and the far western counties.

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