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By Nicholas Drayson

For three years, widower Mr Malik secretly loves Rose Mbikwa, chief of weekly chicken walks. Quiet Malik is amazing just for his cautious combover. Malik is decided to invite Rose to the Nairobi Hunt membership Ball (premier Kenyan social event), until eventually his university nemesis, flashy jokester Harry Khan, competes for Rose. A bet is decided.

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The most important upper Miocene sites are those of Ngorora, Mpesida, Lukeino and Lothagam, which lie in the area between Lake Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 THE PALAEO-ECOLOGY OF THE AFRICAN CONTINENT Baringo and Lake Rudolf. Ngorora, with an age of about 11 million years, has an assemblage with general resemblances to the Fort Ternan fauna, particularly in respect of the ruminants. However, there are also new elements, such as the earliest hippopotamus and the first appearance of Hipparion, inseparable from the characteristic Old World H.

In effect, the northern and southern peripheries of the continent enjoy Mediterranean-type climates with wet, cool winters or rainy transitional 21 Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 THE PALAEO-ECOLOGY OF THE AFRICAN CONTINENT 201' mm Arid HUD Semi-arid Humid Perhumid 1000km Fig. 7 Africa: environmental zonation. seasons. Snowfall is not uncommon and precipitation is linked to travelling disturbances in the mid-latitude westerly circulation, with upper-level cold air masses occasionally penetrating as far as, or even equatorward of, the tropic circles.

During the following six years further mandibular specimens, cranial and postcranial fragments, and ' numerous isolated teeth of hominids have been found at various horizons. Stone implements also occur. The Shungura Formation is 750 m thick and includes a number of distinctive volcanic tuff horizons that serve as boundaries between members (designated by letters — see fig. 9). Some of the tuffs have been dated radiometrically and the dates have been adjusted slightly as a result of detailed palaeomagnetic studies (Shuey, Brown and Croes 1974) to provide an unusually well-controlled 31 Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 Million years BP.

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