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The ebook is prepared into 25 day-by-day readings, and postulates that through focusing our consciousness on yes methods of pondering, we will be able to develop into a extra serious philosopher, which in flip is helping us "observe, visual display unit, study, check, and reconstruct" our considering, that could support us stay larger lives.
After analyzing this publication for the prescribed 25 days, i must agree that my pondering did increase and my lifestyles was once made richer by means of focusing my cognizance at the day-by-day pondering objectives. for instance, Day nine has you pondering via implications; on Day 14 you're to forestall considering like a conformist; and on Day 21 you're to try to be a citizen of the world.
Once you learn in the course of the publication, the authors recommend turning this 25 day plan right into a 25 week plan wherein you would specialise in each one unmarried day's pondering recommendation for a whole week. i'll certainly learn this ebook many times.

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Strategies for noticing hypocrisy in others: 1. Observe the people around you. Begin to analyze the extent to which they say one thing and do another. Compare their words to their deeds. For example, notice how often people claim to love someone they criticize behind the person’s back. This is a common form of bad faith. 2. Think about the people you are closest to—your partner, spouse, children, or friends. To what extent can you identify hypocrisy or integrity in those relationships? To what extent do they say what they mean and mean what they say?

Notice when others do. Because hypocrisy is a natural human tendency, theoretically this should be easy. Look closely at what people say they believe. Compare this with what their behavior implies. Dig out inconsistencies in your thinking and behavior. Notice when you profess a belief, and then act in contradiction to that belief. Notice how you justify or rationalize inconsistencies in your behavior. Figure out the consequence of your hypocrisy. Does it enable you to get what you want without having to face the truth about yourself?

Strategies for clarifying your thinking: To improve your ability to clarify your thinking (in your own mind, when speaking to others, when writing), you can do some very basic things: 1. 2. 3. 4. State one point at a time. Elaborate on what you mean. Give examples that connect your thoughts to life experiences. Use analogies and metaphors to help people connect your ideas to a variety of things they already understand. (Consider this analogy: Critical thinking is like an onion. It has many layers.

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